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Wed, Feb 4, 2009


Blazing the Trail in New Media

New Media is the New Frontier complete with vast undiscovered territory, hidden wealth, risks & dangers, colorful characters even tribes and a little java now and then.

As pioneers in this new world, we know that some tracks will lead us astray, and others will involve long climbs through a craggy pass to the promise of better things. Even though the wagon-masters along the trail had an idea of where they were going, they learned tough lessons along the way.

So it is with our challenge, one decade after the popped-dot-com bubble world€¦forging ahead on a virtual butte just over the multi-media mesa to find the fortune we’re all convinced lies ahead.

And some people will make fortunes€¦while others will fail. The map? Reading it requires skill and knowledge. We’ve got terabytes of that. So who gets the edge?

The one who brings a personal relationship and first-hand knowledge.

NewMediaMinutes takes 60-seconds of your day to concisely bring you a golden nugget from the first pan in the river. Our information specialists take you to the people, the page-ranks and the platforms that are settling new communities of opportunity out on the range of New Media.

We’re the scouts who rode ahead. Can you afford NOT to be on this wagon-train?

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