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Wed, Feb 18, 2009

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Las Vegas, NV – Feb. 18, 2009 (ZealousPR)–Las Vegas-based strategic marketing firm, Tactical Marketing Inc., announces the launch of New Media Minutes – a weblog and weekly podcast by longtime blogger, Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist and Las Vegas News anchor Dave Courvoisier; and internet marketing veteran, Joe Perez on new media today at www.newmediaminutes.com.

“Hang on, ’cause we’re pushing the envelope in a business paradigm that keeps reinventing itself by the hour.  Online media and the explosion of web 2.0 and social networking, is something I think that a lot of people are hugely interested in but may feel too intimidated to jump in for fear of looking behind-the-times,” stated Courvoisier.

According to Tactical Marketing Inc’s Joe Perez, “New Media Minutes was created to give our audience sixty second breaking reviews on new media and the newest technologies that are extremely newsworthy but not making the headlines.” Perez continues, “There are a lot of hungry folks out there yearning to learn about new advances in web 2.0 technologies and how these new platforms can be of value to them.”

New Media Minutes launched their flagship review on a newly launched social networking-based direct sales platform called Vi-Net. Vi-Net is an industry first in direct selling through a seamlessly integrated proprietary social network in the health and wellness space.

About New Media Minutes
A Tactical Marketing web property NewMediaMinutes.com takes 60-seconds of your day to concisely bring you a golden nugget from the first pan in the rivers of web 2.0.  Our information specialists take you to the people, the page-ranks and the platforms that are settling new communities of opportunity out on the range of New Media. We are the “scouts” that rode ahead.

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